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Casual Conversations with Interesting Characters
[EP #2] A Casual Conversation with Amirah Zaky

[EP #2] A Casual Conversation with Amirah Zaky

God-conscious Sex Educator and Founder of Amirah Zaky Wellness

This episode is for adults grab your headphones/earbuds if there are little ones around.

Casual Conversations with Interesting Characters

Casual Conversations is a new podcast where I share unscripted, unedited conversations that I'm having with some of my favorite characters. I'm so excited to connect with these amazing people and pick their brains.

This is the second episode.

My guest is Amirah Zaky, a UK-based Sex Educator and founder of Amirah Zaky Wellness. Her company provides coaching and courses to help women overcome painful sex and experience greater sexual pleasure within their marriages. She’s married with two kids and plans to release her book, “A Life of Intimacy” very soon.

Heads up: This episode is for adults grab your headphones/earbuds if there are little ones around.

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This Episode, We Talk About: 

  • Getting to know Amirah, her background, and identity

  • Training and early career in Biomedical sciences and teaching

  • Being torn between a demanding career and having young children

  • Knowing she wanted to help people and have financial independence

  • Certifying as a transformational mindset coach

  • “You are meant for more”

  • How she found her calling in Sex-Education

  • Vaginismus: There might be someone out there suffering too

  • Guidance on age-appropriate conversations about sexual education with kids and youth as Muslims

  • Scaling her business, hiring a team, coaches and growing her wellness practice

  • Dealing with the stigma and pushback that comes with speaking about a topic like sexual education in the Muslim community

  • Being introverts and balancing the energy we keep for ourselves with what we offer our community

  • “You’re so brave!”

  • Normalizing the conversation around sexual health and making it accessible

  • Our sexual, mental, and spiritual health are connected

  • How emotional distress can lead to physical disease/dysregulation

  • Being modest vs. owning your sexuality as a Muslim woman

  • Intimacy in marriage is an act of worship in Islam

Discussing Case Studies & Reflection

  • Feeling attraction to/desire for someone other than your spouse

  • The struggle of being tested with engaging in pre-martial sex while wanting to have a relationship with Allah and be a better Muslim

  • In a marriage devoid of emotional and physical intimacy where a woman is shamed for having needs or even citing their absence as a reason for wanting support or separation.

  • A wife feels uneasy around sex, seeing it as a chore, riddled with tension. The husband feels rejected and withdrawn—creating a tense, resentful environment at home.


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