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Casual Conversations with Interesting Characters
[EP #1] A Casual Conversation with Cadar Mohamud

[EP #1] A Casual Conversation with Cadar Mohamud

Storyteller & Host of The Digital Sisterhood Podcast

Introducing Casual Conversations with Interesting Characters

Casual Conversations is a new podcast where I share unscripted, unedited conversations that I'm having with some of my favorite characters. I'm so excited to connect with these amazing people and pick their brains.

This is the very first episode.

My guest for this episode is Cadar Mohamud, a Somali-Canadian storyteller and the host of the Digital Sisterhood podcast. We’ve both seen and heard each others content, but this is our first time speaking one-to-one.

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This Episode, We Talk About: 

  • The process of reclaiming ourselves

  • Our parents’ reaction to us being podcasters

  • What makes The Digital Sisterhood successful?

  • The power of telling stories

  • “You’re not what we thought you would be”

  • Wearing the niqab and the meaning it’s given

  • Self-image and the consuming nature of public-facing work

  • The importance of our character in giving dawah vs. lip service

  • Being intentional about how you show up in life & legacy

  • What does Islam look like for me as a Somali Canadian?

  • Growing up Somali-American in Egypt

  • The marriage question and being pressured as young women

  • Maneuvering with aunties and elders

  • The beautiful feedback and support from the community

  • Authentic energy and being ourselves

  • Have you gotten over yourself yet?

  • Video vs. Audio - The facade of public image

  • Hosting vs. being behind the scenes

  • Giving each other our flowers

Thank you for being a part of the launch of this new podcast, feel free to share and leave a comment to let me know your thoughts insha’Allah.

What guests would you like to see featured on the podcast?

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Casual Conversations with Interesting Characters
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