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[Episode 7] That's Not A Wall Behind You

[Episode 7] That's Not A Wall Behind You

A message for anyone who feels stuck

Assalamu alaikum guys,

This is a quick message for whoever needs to hear it.

Have a beautiful week ahead insha’Allah


The Soldiers of Allah

This morning I was doing my morning pages, which is a concept from the book The Artist's Way, where you write, free write for three pages and just fill three sheets of pape with thoughts or whatever comes up for you, handwritten, and free-flowing.

One of the things that I wrote this morning was about seeking Allah's support and asking for guidance, like what the next step should be. I was asking Allah to give me clarity, show, hold, and carry me through the next stage and onwards.

Asking specifically Allah (swt) to send me His soldiers. Allah (awj) talks about it in the Quran where He says, “To Allah belong the Soldiers of the heavens and the earth” (48:7).

Allah (swt) uses His creation to serve a purpose, to deliver a message, to bring support, at times for punishment, for the movement of the universe as we know it. Allah (awj) has soldiers that He commands to do these tasks. In my writing, I was asking Allah (swt) to send His soldiers or forces to support me and guide me, for them to be the best, fit for the purpose.

I was speaking to my mom after that. Obviously, she didn't know that I had written those things in the morning, and didn’t realize she was telling me many things that I needed to hear. One of the things that really stood out was what she told me about times when it can feel like your back is against the wall and you're stuck, cornered, and really struggling.

I want you to remember that it's not a wall that's behind you, and you're not stuck. What's behind you is your family. What's behind you is the love of good people. What's behind you is Dua. What's behind you is Allah's guidance. I want you to remember that it's not a wall, that it's those beautiful things.

When you feel like you're stuck, and you feel like your back is against the wall, turn around, and look at those things. See them behind you and remind yourself who you are. Remind yourself that you're strong and that you're tough stuff.

Allah knows, it really, really resonated. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I thought, SubhanAllah, you know, Mom's inspired right now. I wanted to record this quickly and share it with you guys, because maybe not right now, but there's a time where I think everybody hits a point where they need to hear something like this.

Mom obviously had been on her own journey, and she's in a different time zone. She's across the world. She's not physically with me. For her to have this burning thought on her mind and feel like she needed to call me and talk to me, for a different reason. For her to have this urgent need to tell me something that she thought was important and timely for me to know. She was that soldier today.

Subhan Allah the way it landed, and the way it came together. It was precisely what I needed to hear, and it was the answer to what I had written out in my morning pages, asking what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to be.

I'm so grateful. Alhamdulillah. I added this to my list of beautiful things that happen in my Surat Al-Baqarah miracles list, which is a list that I created when I started reading Surat Al-Baqarah a few months ago. The idea was to read Surat Al-Baqarah, probably completing it roughly every three or four days. I wrote out a list of all the things that happened as a result of it. So the miracles and blessings that come from this experiment of spending more time with Surat Al-Baqarah.

I've added Mom calling and what she said to that list because it really and truly feels like something that Allah (awj) sent to me. He uses people around us sometimes unknowingly, even unbeknownst to them, to send us a message or to be a source of mercy or the answer to a prayer.

May Allah preserve her and grant her Aafiyah and ease and have mercy on all of our parents. May He guide everyone and send down His mercy and solace, surround us with the best people, the best support system always, and handle our affairs as always, in the best possible way.

Jazakum Allah khayr for listening.

I know it's been a little while. Insha'Allah ta'ala I have some more episodes planned, both on Sincerely, Sumayah and Casual Conversations. Bear with me. Thank you all for being here and continuing to support and to listen. That's all I wanted to share, until next time, insha'Allah.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

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